The Buoy

Suspension and Drifting
The water current was observed when ink was dropped. The ink droplets travel through the current in a drifting moment with tension. Movements of water current and ink droplets were captured by looking at the negative spaces being made during the fall. 
Negative as Positive Space
By layering the ink droplets in the current, the paths of the ink droplet were shown to be following one another. The interaction of ink and water was viewed from all perspectives; concentrating on their drifting action and directionality.
Korean Traditional Ancestral Rites
The following step was the study of movements within a certain ritual. The space required for the ritual was recorded through drawing; the axonometric drawing shows the space taken up by the movement in the ritual and the notation drawing shows the sequence of simultaneous movements in bird-eyes view.
The Buoy
Combining the two previous projects, the language found through the study of ink movement was used to create a space that would hold the ritual. The site that is chosen for the ritual building to be built is an open park area on a hill; placed in the middle of a quiet residential area. As the ritual is about relating back to ancestors, a quiet and nature surround site was a perfect fitting.
Sloped and angled walls created and separated space. Negative space in between walls implied entrance and paths providing directionality. There are two levels providing an isolated room for the ritual on the raised floor. The building is surrounded by nature and the walls act as thresholds that rise to block view from the street side and open to nature and cityscape views.

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