Expansion Joints

"As cities focus on the new generation of infrastructures that will allow for resiliency, sustainability and further development, it is important to evaluate its existing urban infra-systems to better understand the urban growth with more integrated spatial compositions."
- Rafael Luna
A typology research project done with PRAUD, about the infrastructural growth of Hangang. Seoul has developed into a metropolitan city by undergoing rapid growth and layering of infrastructure. This research studies the Hangang and its 31 bridges; the constantly growing and the responding urban conditions.
Urban Growth of Seoul
The development of 31 bridges along Hangang was studied in relationship with the urban growth of Seoul. In the beginning, the expansion of the city generated fabrication of bridges, but later the escalated construction of bridges boosted the maturation of Seoul.
Infrastructure Typology
The typology of bridges along Hangang with its neighboring urban composition is studied. The neighborhood boundary was set to a 1km diameter circle on each end of the bridges. Basic information about the bridge and it's orientation, accessibility, construction, and connection from the neighborhood was collected along with the plan, section, elevation, and axonometric drawing of the bridges.
Neighborhood Evolution
Neighborhoods placed at the end of each bridges were taken a closer look in their development. The distinction of land area and rise of buildings can be seen from before and after the construction of the bridge.
Rafael Luna

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