Envisaging Light

The following series of project show light particles in the form of textures. Throughout the process, the particles start to transform themselves into patterns and are illustrated as a collection of shadows and light drawing. 
Raw Particles
Starting by visualizing light particles that are ‘projected’ into our eyes, charcoal drawings were made of set of objects. Then the drawings were casted back on to the object using materials (resin sand gel, crushed stones) that mimic the texture of charcoal.
Measurement of Speaks
Considering the minuteness of textures that was being captured, a measuring system was developed to collect section heights and textures to be transferred as data.
Digital Conversion
Transforming the collected data, the particles are brought together on a computer program and laser printed on plexi glass. The shadow from the glass prints were casted on heated styrene that has been molded to the shape of the section.
The shadow casted from the laser cut plexiglass onto the heated styrene represents the light particles but in a shadow form.

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